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How to Introduce Your Children to Classical Music...

Listening to classical music can not only develop a life-long interest in the arts, but also inspire creativity in your children. Introducing classical music is simple,  read on for a few ideas:

Image by hmomoy.

Image by hmomoy.

1) Listen and watch performances on YouTube - there are so many great performances on YouTube being uploaded daily. Introduce your child to shorter 1-3 minute videos that show the performers with their instrument(s) (not just images, scenery, etc). Pick music that is lively and recognizable. Some composers to search for include George Gershwin, J.S. Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. You can also check out some of the recordings on the Music Library page.

2) Learn about the composers and instruments - children love to learn the fun facts about composers and instruments. Not only is it fun, but they will remember these facts when they listen to music! When I was young, I loved reading my Learn to Play Mozart book (Usborne). It was a biography book that introduced me to Mozart, the piano, the violin and his music. I read that book over and over again! There are several fantastic introductory books out there, so take a look online or go to your local library to find the right book for your children!

3) Take your child to live performances - going to a live concert can be very exciting for your  child. Many local orchestra's will offer a children's concert or "music in the park" opportunities for you to take your family. Here in Portland, The Oregon Symphony has an upcoming  children's concert, Say It With Music! on March 2 at 2pm... this will be a great concert to introduce your children to music!

4) Want more ideas? Check out this great article from africatoamerica.org, Ways to Introduce Your Child to Classical Music.